Humblewood Tales Adventure Supplement

More to Explore in Humblewood Tales



Humblewood Tales is a 5e D&D supplement and adventure book for the lush world of Humblewood.

Featuring five new adventures and packed with expanded lore from the mystical tree city of Alderheart, Humblewood Tales is loaded with over 200 pages of adventures, premade characters, a bestiary, magic items, subclasses, and more.


Expanded Setting Guide

There’s so much more to see and do in the Great Tree City with the Alderheart's Traveler's Guide. With details on the history, daily life, districts, events, and guilds, this supplement will bring greater depth to your time in Humblewood and inspire your own adventures there. Humblewood Tales also introduces colorful shops and shopkeepers for your games, along with three mini-adventures that make shopping more exciting than ever before!

Welcome to the boughs

New Player Options

Humblewood Tales adds new player options with deep ties to the world. Players can join the ranks of the Tenders of the Scorched Grove, learn the ways of Layline Wizardry, or seek power as a Warlock of the Predator. 

New Player Options

New Adventures

The five new adventures in Humblewood Tales range from levels 3 to 8 and can be added to your existing Humblewood game or played as one-shots.

The Hunt for the Loper

“And the beast—that Great Loper—leapt off again to some distant clearing.” Hamlin, an elderly strig hunter, gesticulates wildly as he tells this story to a lodge full of half-interested onlookers.

“Beware!” he says, “for nobody is safe while the Great Loper is out there in these woods!”

Will the adventurers discover that Hamlin’s sighting of “the Great Loper” truly occurred, or was it just another trick of the Wood?

The Legendary Loper

The Windtouched

Marshview, a once-quiet village nestled between the Mokk Fields and the Talongrip Coast is experiencing an unprecedented number of travelers due to a growing legend that a young jerbeen called Tempa Greenkeeper is Windtouched.

Will your party decipher the cause of this fascinating phenomenon of flight?

Learn the mystery of the windtouched

The Seahawk

You’re pursued by shadowy assassins after accepting a job to protect a wounded Raptor in a noir-esque rainy port town.

If that wasn’t enough, you’ll have to battle against a sinister cabal of zealots who worship Kren, the Amaranthine of Shadow and Trickery, in the world of dreams and memories. Are you prepared?

Challenge the Amaranthine Kren

Descent into the Dark

Alarming events involving slimes have been causing turmoil in Alderheart. Without a reliable explanation for the slime invasion, clues point to a missing community leader. Your party is tasked with investigating the infestation.

Descent Into The Dark explores the almost lifeless hollows of Alderheart’s Underfall, and how martyrdom can lead to ruin.

Battle the Slime King

The Wakewyrm's Fury
An ENNIE-Gold winning Free RPG Day adventure!

Saltar’s Port is a birdfolk city built into the rocky face of a large cliff, serving as the only access for ships coming to or leaving from Humblewood. A half-day’s trek southwest lies the Tideswell Cave, home to a secret hideout built by bootleggers and freebooters.

There's recently been trouble in the seaside town, and signs point to Tideswell Cave as its source. What will your party find there… or whom?

Engage with Pirate Mercenaries