Join the Humblewood 2 Playtest

Humblewood 2 Playtest

Join us as we create Humblewood 2! 

Come with us as we design Humblewood 2, the sequel to our award-winning campaign setting Humblewood! We want to hear from you as we share playtests of brand-new 5e material, concept art, lore, and more. We’re inviting you behind the scenes to see how a campaign setting gets made. 

We’re testing out new races like the feline elurans and the colorful birdfolk called seeta. There are also brand new subclasses and a never-before-seen Humblewood class! The playtest also brings you new lore and monsters from across the continent, from the frosty Crystal Expanse to the tropical Tanglewilds. 

This is your chance to be part of shaping the world of Humblewood!  

The Tiers

 Bronze Tier

At the Bronze tier, you get:
  • A PDF of new Humblewood playtest content every month
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes content
  • Access to our Humblewood 2 development Discord channel
  • A vote in polls that will shape Humblewood 2 and the direction of the Patreon
  • The full archive of the 2023 PDFs (Big Bads and Floral Dragons)

Patreon Silver Tier

Love minis? The Silver tier is for you!
You’ll get all of the content from the Bronze Tier plus:
  • An STL of a brand new pre-supported Humblewood mini every month
  • The full archive of the 2023 PDFs, VTT, assets, and STLs (Big Bads and Floral Dragons)

 Patreon Gold Tier

If you back us at the Gold tier, you are going above and beyond, and we are so grateful! 
In addition to all the content from the Silver tier, you’ll also receive:
  • Acknowledgment by name in the digital version of the Humblewood 2 book
  • Monthly live streams with the designers and other Hit Point Press team members

Patreon Platinum Reward

Wow! You’re a Humblewood super fan!

As a patron at the Platinum tier, you will receive everything from the Gold tier plus:

  • A monthly 10% discount code to use at 
  • Special promotions

That’s not all!

Get a Peek at Where Humblewood 2 is headed with The Heart of Dako

Heart of Dako

The Heart of Dako is a free digital adventure set in the Tanglewilds. This thrilling chase through the jungle delves into the past so players can put back what should not have been disturbed. With four ready to play character sheets, this adventure has everything you need to dive in whether this is your first time in Humblewood or not. The Heart of Dako foreshadows the adventure in Humblewood 2!